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Saturday, October 15, 2016

My other pages to help people - and


It's been a long time I don't post here. But this doesn't mean that I stopped helping people.

I created two other pages: - If you have a dog or if you know someone that has a dog or a puppy, you can tell them to visit this page. They will find a lot of great free information on dog health, dog behavior and dog obedience. This page is giving 3 Free eBooks to all followers for a limited time. I'm sure all your friends and family will like it. - This page is mainly for Brazilians who want to travel abroad. Brazil's economy is starting to recover from a long recession and Brazilians are starting to consume again. This page helps them to find low prices on tickets, hotels, cars, tours and even in English courses!

Have fun on my new pages  and soon I will be back here posting my predictions of good investments!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Is it the best moment buy stocks?

Ibov had an excellent Friday earning +3% after having 4 bad days before that. As you can see on the chart, 44k points is an important support and one more time Ibov stopped at that level. Also, you can notice that we continue in a downward trend, but this can come to an end if Ibov closes next week above 46k points.
The moment in Brazil continues practically the same, with the exception that the President is trying new things to overcome the crisis, and I believe that is why Ibov earned +3% on Friday. But, investors will only buy heavily (and prices will go up when this happen) if they see continuity on the process.

I will invest in one stock this week (if it achieves my trigger if course).

EQTL3: Start Gain (buy ONLY IF achieves) 34.93 ; Stop Gain (sell 70% of what you buy) +2% ; Stop Loss 32.93

Have a great week!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

What to do when the market goes down?

Ibov is presenting a lot of volatility in the previous weeks. Last week was bad and IBOV is really close to a very important support at 44k points as you can see in the chart.
The worst part is how far Ibov is from the Moving Average of 200 periods (green line).

Brazil continues with the same problem (corruption) and that is why investors are not buying... There are good stocks, but there is a big risk in Brazil as a country and until we solve this, the best thing to do is wait and just watch the market.

It is been a month that I'm out and I'm happy because the market is going down...

Let's see what happens in the next week.

See you.


Monday, September 7, 2015

Have we achieved the lowest level of the year?

IBOV had a lateral week, falling a little bit, which is normal after achieving an important support the week before. I continue with my opinion that we probably achieved the lowest point of the week and I'm waiting for good opportunities to buy stocks.

Last week I tried and I didn't get a good result... PSSA3 didn't start (ok), but EQTL3 started and achieved Stop Loss during the week.

Next week I will be more conservative and I will be outside the market.

Have an excellent week.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Is it time to buy stocks?

In my opinion, we achieved the lowest point of the year in Brazil. IBOV achieved 42.7k points, and, after that, went up to close at 47.1k points.

I don't have any stock in my portfolio right now (we sold all stocks as I described in my previous posts) and I think this is a good time to buy.

I will be conservative and buy less than the usual and I will invest in stocks that I think they are solid (we were investing in these stocks before, but we sold because they were presenting a bad momentum as all stocks in the market).

PSSA3: Start Gain (buy ONLY IF achieves) 33.72 ; Stop Gain (sell 70% of what you buy) +2% ; Stop Loss 31.94
EQTL3: Start Gain (buy ONLY IF achieves) 35.52 ; Stop Gain (sell 70% of what you buy) +2% ; Stop Loss 33.88

Have a great week!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Market fell -10% and I haven't sold. What to do now?

As expected IBOV continues going down. This is the third week in a row, but, the downward trend started 5 weeks ago and that is why we closed practically all our trades, when we could have some profit. If we had kept them we would be losing money now and nobody likes losing money on bad investments. IBOV opened at 47.5k and closed at 45.7k points, losing -3.7% in one week. This is the lowest point since March/2014.

Our stocks:
BRFS3. Let's increase Stop Loss to 67.22. If stock goes down, we still have around 6% of profit. If it goes up, we keep it. In the same period IBOV lost -12%.
GETI3. Let's increase Stop Loss to 16.14. If it goes down, we stil have 8% of profit. IBOV lost -20% on the same period of this trade.
VLID3 and GETI3, sold during the week as I explained on last post.

What to do if you have stocks and you haven't sold yet?

Well, I always prefer to use Stop Loss and sell fast. My Stop Loss already tell me the maximum I can lose in one investment. The problem is that many people don't use Stop Loss and don't limit their losses. Then, they say that they are investing for the long term and will keep the stock... (I did this in the past). In my case (and I think this may be happening to you in this situation) is that the pain gets higher and higher every week and you regret you haven't sold yet. My suggestion: sell and relax. I prefer that you have the money back on our account and stop losing (because it may go down even more). If you decide to keep it, you become a person "cheering" for the stock. There is nothing saying that it will go up, but you prefer to think that it will... I prefer that you sell and wait for the correct time to buy the stock again.

I will stay one more week just watching the market.

Have a great week.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Stocks are going down. What to do now?

As I was expecting, Ibov continued the downward movement. It opened at 48.6k points and closed at the minimum at 47.5k losing -2.2%.

We made the right decision selling PSSA3 last week, because it fell even more this week and we sold then at the right moment. EQTL3 increased a little bit and may bee a good investment for us if it confirms its momentum.

BRFS3 and GEIT3 continue in upward trend and we will continue with them in our portfolio. But, VLID3 and CTIP3 are going lateral trend. I prefer to increase Stop Loss of VLID3 to 47.08 and CTIP3 to 33.44. IF they go up next week, awesome. If they go down, we still have some profit.

I will continue with my money on fixed income this week, waiting for better definition in the stock market.

Have a great week.