Sunday, August 16, 2015

Stocks are going down. What to do now?

As I was expecting, Ibov continued the downward movement. It opened at 48.6k points and closed at the minimum at 47.5k losing -2.2%.

We made the right decision selling PSSA3 last week, because it fell even more this week and we sold then at the right moment. EQTL3 increased a little bit and may bee a good investment for us if it confirms its momentum.

BRFS3 and GEIT3 continue in upward trend and we will continue with them in our portfolio. But, VLID3 and CTIP3 are going lateral trend. I prefer to increase Stop Loss of VLID3 to 47.08 and CTIP3 to 33.44. IF they go up next week, awesome. If they go down, we still have some profit.

I will continue with my money on fixed income this week, waiting for better definition in the stock market.

Have a great week.



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