Sunday, September 27, 2015

What to do when the market goes down?

Ibov is presenting a lot of volatility in the previous weeks. Last week was bad and IBOV is really close to a very important support at 44k points as you can see in the chart.
The worst part is how far Ibov is from the Moving Average of 200 periods (green line).

Brazil continues with the same problem (corruption) and that is why investors are not buying... There are good stocks, but there is a big risk in Brazil as a country and until we solve this, the best thing to do is wait and just watch the market.

It is been a month that I'm out and I'm happy because the market is going down...

Let's see what happens in the next week.

See you.



  1. We must be careful on what kind of investment we will be getting.

  2. Always be careful to choose which investment company we will put our savings.