Sunday, October 4, 2015

Is it the best moment buy stocks?

Ibov had an excellent Friday earning +3% after having 4 bad days before that. As you can see on the chart, 44k points is an important support and one more time Ibov stopped at that level. Also, you can notice that we continue in a downward trend, but this can come to an end if Ibov closes next week above 46k points.
The moment in Brazil continues practically the same, with the exception that the President is trying new things to overcome the crisis, and I believe that is why Ibov earned +3% on Friday. But, investors will only buy heavily (and prices will go up when this happen) if they see continuity on the process.

I will invest in one stock this week (if it achieves my trigger if course).

EQTL3: Start Gain (buy ONLY IF achieves) 34.93 ; Stop Gain (sell 70% of what you buy) +2% ; Stop Loss 32.93

Have a great week!



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