Sunday, October 6, 2013

Celebrations! Summary of the first 6 months of blog

Hi everybody,

I am happy to share with you the results of the first 6 months of investments of this blog.

As you can see from these pictures, in 6 months, we (because I believe you are investing using my predictions) earned 8.97%. At the same period, IBOV is down by 7.12%. This shows that we are only investing in conservative trades.

The other difference of these investments is that we stop losses really fast. Therefore, we will never lose 10% (or more, in the case of OGX that lost 95%). So far, we did 44 short term investments (trades). 33 profitable (75%) ; 9 losses (20.5%) and we have 2 trades still going on (5%).

In this period almost 4,400 people visited the website! Also, the number of followers on Twitter and Facebook are increasing every week!

In September, this blog received a public recognition on Twitter as you can see on the last picture. It is from a company that decided to praise my blog to all its followers and this increased the number of visitors!

I really want to expand this blog, and I count on you guys to share this blog with your friends on Facebook or Twitter (there are buttons bellow this post)!

Continue following this blog and earning more money than regular investments.

My best,
Leonardo Monte


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