Sunday, January 11, 2015

IBOV continues bad BUT we continue good!

IBOV continues in a low trend as you can see in the chart bellow. This has been happening for the last 4 months.
The good thing is that we are not investing in stocks correlated to IBOV. I only invest in stocks that have more than 70% of chance of achieving profit. As you can see in my last posts, we are having profit, even though most stocks are going down in Brazil.

Last week one more stock achieved its profit MPLU3 (read forecast here). It earned +4% in 4 days! After this trade we have 75% of profitable forecasts! Therefore, back testing and lots of discipline are working very well for us!

We have stocks in our portfolio (because we sold 70% of what we bought in each trade) and we kept 30%. This is the result for the remaining 30%. Even if they achieve Stop Loss, the total trade will be profitable or very close to zero, which is ok.
 - RADL3: +5.0%
 - CTIP3:   +2.6%
 - GOLL4: -2.9%

And these are the stocks that I will buy, if the price achieves my trigger (Start Gain order)

IGTA3: Start Gain (buy ONLY IF achieves) 24.74 ; Stop Gain (sell 70% of what you buy) +2% ; Stop Loss 23.22

Have a great week, full of profit!



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